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Inovatex is committed to developing the next “big idea” in home textiles. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a wide range of technologies that can we can apply, each providing a very real solution to problems such as dust mites, odors and allergies. These technologies are changing the home fashion industry. More importantly, they’re changing the way people sleep... and live.

Anti Allergen

Over 70 million Americans suffer from an allergy of some kind. Unfortunately, the most common causes – pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites, down, feathers and bacteria, among others – are often found in the home and more specifically, in the bedroom. Inovatex brings you products that, utilizing a wide range of non-toxic treatments and processes, offer protection from these allergens. Thanks to these specially designed, anti-allergen bedding products asthma and allergy sufferers can finally get a full, comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.

Aloe Treatment

Aloe has been in use for quite some time. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans used aloe in the treatment of wounds because of its ability to sooth, energize, invigorate and soften. Now, through micro-encapsulation technology, aloe has become a fabric ingredient. By releasing a stream of nutrients directly to the skin, it moisturizes the skin, reduces puffiness, and nourishes… making it ideal for pillowcases and pillow shells. Wake up feeling refreshed and dare we say, perhaps a bit younger looking?

Total Protection

Total Protection is the ultimate in fabric treatments, with all of our technologies wrapped into one. Total Protection is both anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. It offers stain resistance and moisture management. It eliminates odors by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. In short, it’s the best there is in fiber technology. And, it’s only available from Inovatex.

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