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Temperature Management

Commonly used in sportswear, moisture management fabric is designed to pull moisture away from the skin and out to the fabric’s surface. Once on the surface, moisture can more easily evaporate, leaving the wearer cooler, drier and more comfortable. Inovatex employs this same technology in the design and development of home textiles such as pillows and mattress pads, offering the sleeper a cooler, drier, better night’s sleep.

Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort

Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort

Important meeting in the morning? It’s a good thing your bedding is keeping you cool; with Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort. Through nanotechnology, fabrics treated with this advanced moisture wicking system actually balance your body temperature, pulling moisture from the skin and leaving behind a cooler, drier sleeping surface. This breakthrough technology lasts the life of the product and also enables the fabric to maintain its softness and breathability. Just how fast drying is Coolest Comfort? Polyester treated with Coolest Comfort dries four times faster than 100% cotton.



Back in 2004, Inovatex was the first to introduce COOLMAX fabrics into bedding textiles. This unique, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking performance fabric is designed to both reflect heat and reduce moisture. Combine these attributes with its extremely soft hand and COOLMAX is an ideal technology for bedding products such as comforters, mattress pads and pillow covers. As if temperature regulation weren’t enough, COOLMAX is also an energy saver; because of its moisture management properties, it requires far less time in the dryer.



Thermo°Cool™ is an eco-friendly fiber technology that is ideal for bedding products. Why? Because ThermoºCool™ fibers are designed to optimize the body’s natural ability to regulate temperature. Extremely breathable, fast drying and moisture wicking, these fibers actually protect the sleeper from unwanted temperature changes. And, just as you would expect, that means a more restful night’s sleep.

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